P.O. Box 860847, PLANO, TX  75086-0847 - Call (800) 250-KARE (5273) or (972) 633-(KARE)5273                      

Additional Kare for Kids, Inc. is headquartered in Collin County, and we provide services to 60 Texas counties.  We are currently expanding to new counties within Texas.

With over twenty years of pediatric home care service history, Additional Kare for Kids, Inc. is committed to caring and advocating for families of children with disabilities. We are a licensed and certified home care (LCHHS) provider.  We offer pediatric skilled nursing services around the clock, including private duty nursing, intermittent nursing visits, and personal assistance services.

Some of our patients:

  • Require skilled nursing and private duty nursing
  • Have developmental delay and/or special educational needs
  • Experience moderate to severe respiratory problems
  • Are ventilator dependent
  • Are chronically ill and/or have complex medical conditions

  • Are diagnosed with Rare Diseases.

Additional Kare For Kids, Inc. believes that the individual differences of  children and families are to be valued and respected while working to enhance their unique potentials. Our ultimate goal is to see that families reach their highest potential while assisting them with the medical, social, and comprehensive goals they have established in coordination with other healthcare professionals for their children, and helping them to return to a sense of normalcy in their lives.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 800 250 KARE (5273)

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